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Applicant: (收货人/申请人):


Telephone No. (电话号码.)

L/C No.(信用证号)

Contract No .(合同号)

Date and Place of  Expiry of  the Credit :(信用证有效日期和地址)

Advising Bank(通知行):____________( 如留空,可填写你方自行选择的代理行)



Telephone No.(电话)

Issue by teletransmission (the operative instruments) (以全电开的形式开立信用证)Confirmation of the credit:(信用证确认书)

口 not requested(非必需)口 requested(必需)口authorised if requested by beneficiary(经受益人授权必需的)

口 Irrevocable documentary credit(不可撤销跟单信用证)

口Irrevocable transferable documentary credit(不可撤销的跟单可转让信用证)

Amount in figures and words(发票上的钱数要用字和数码写出来)

Description of goods, services or performance:


Credit available with       bank(此信用证可以在…银行议付)

口 by sightpayment(即期付款)口 by negotiation(议付) 口 by acceptance(承兑)口 by deferred payment at

against the documents detailed herein (凭在此详列的单据延期付款)

口beneficiary's draft(s) for       % /口            %of the invoice value at              drawn on issuing bank(开证行按照发票面值…,在信用证开证行向收款人(受益人)开具…….汇票)

Partial shipments(分批装运)口 allowed(允许) 口 not allowed(不允许)

Transshipments (转运)口allowed 口 not allowed

Shipment to be made not later than: (最迟装船日期)

Place of Taking in charge/Dispatch from…/Place of receipt:……..


Port of Loading/Airport of Departure:


Port of Discharge/Airport of Destination:


Place of Final Destination/for Transportation to…/Place of Delivery:


Terms of price: 付款方式

Documents required (at least in duplicate unless otherwise specified):(marked with × ) 需要的文件 (至少需要复印件[以下所有选填“是”的文件都需要提供原件或复印件],特殊要求除外):(用 X 填写所选选项,[填了表示“是”不填表示“否”] )

1. 口 Signed Commercial Invoice indicating Contract No.                   and L/C No.

已签署商业发票所指定的合同号码:__________ 以及L/C号码:__________

2.      Shipment to be effected by Sea from Port to Port:


口Full set original of clean “on board” Bills of Lading made out 口to order口to order of-____________ / and endorsed in blank by the shipper, marked "freight 口 to collect 口 prepaid" notifying: 口 Applicant.

  口一系列完整而清晰的“在船上”原始运货单,需开发票 口给本定单 / 口给订单:__________ 装货主需要在空白处标明“口运费 口自行索取 口预先支付”,口是否通知订货人.

3.  Shipment to be effected by Multimodal or Combined transport(covering at least two different modes of transport):


口 Full set of original clean “On Board” Multimodal or Combined transport documents made out 口to order/口to order of _______________________ and endorsed in blank by the shipper marked “Freight 口prepaid/口to collect” and

notify Applicant.

口一系列完整而清晰的“在船上”多模式或联合运输文件给 口本订单 / 口给订单:__________ 装货主需要在空白处标明“口运费 口预先支付 口自行索取”并通知订货人.

4.  Shipment to be effected by Air


口 Original Air Waybill showing "freight 口 to collect 口 prepaid" 口 notifying applicant indicating freight amount and

consigned to: 口Applicant口__________________________

口 原始空运运货单标明“口运费 口自行索取 口预先支付”口是否通知订货人,标明运费及收货人为:口订货人 口__________

5.  Shipment to be effected by Rail:


口 Full set of Rail way bill showing "freight 口 to collect 口 prepaid" 口 notifying applicant indicating freight amount and

consigned to: 口Applicant口_______________________

口 整套铁轨运货单标明“口运费 口自行索取 口预先支付”口是否通知订货人,标明运费及收货人为:口订货人 口__________

6. 口 Insurance Policy/Certificate blank endorsed for    % of the invoice value showing claims payable in China in currency of the Credit covering:


口 是否有保险 / 证书,不记名[空头支票之类]提供相当于订单[或发票]全额的 _____% 的金额用来补偿从中国申请的理赔,理赔金额货币单位为付款人所支付的货币单位[美元、人民币之类],保险所保包括内容:

7. 口 Packing List/Weight List indicating quantity/gross and net weight of each package and packing conditions.

口 是否有包装清单 / 重量清单注明产品数量 / 单一产品的毛重和净重以及包装状态[应该指固态、液态、易碎、危险等等]

8. 口 Certificate of Quantity/Weight issued by:

indicating the actual surveyed quantity/weight of shipped goods as well as the packing condition.

口 是否有数量证书 / 重量审核员[或单位]:__________

注明运输货物的实际测量数量 / 重量以及包装状态.

9. 口 Certificate of Quality issued by:

口 是否有质量证书的审核员[或单位]:__________

10. 口 Certificate of Origin   .

口 是否有产地证书.

11. 口 Beneficiary’s certified copy of telex/fax dispatched to applicant within        hours after shipment.

口 是否有[保险]受益人用于证明身份的、在发货_____小时后发给订货人的电报 / 传真复印件.

12. 口 Beneficiary's letter certifying that one set of non -negotiable shipping documents


have been sent to applicant directly by express mail immediately after shipment.

口 是否有受益人的来信,[来信]可以证明一系列声明 不可转让 的文件,包括在发货后直接发给订货人的特快专递.

13. 口Article 10(c) &(f) of UCP 600 are not applicable to the credit. Any subsequent amendment(s) to the credit will be considered as effective, if no objection is raised within seven days after its receipt .In case rejection is received, the advising bank is requested to advise us by telex immediately.

口 条款 10(c) &(f) of UCP 600 并不适用于赊欠[或指赊款人、付款人]. 如果收到后七天内未提出异议,由此造成的任何关于赊欠的修订会立即生效。若产生异议。指认的银行会立即通知发电报通知我们.

14.口 Other documents, if any :

口 是否有其他相关文件:

Additional instructions:


1. 口 All banking charges outside the issuing bank are for beneficiary’s account .


2. 口 Documents to be presented within     days after the date of shipment but within the validity of the Credit .


3. 口 Third party as shipper is not acceptable. Short Form/Blank Back B/L is not acceptable. On deck shipment is not allowed.


4. 口 Both quantity and amount     % more or less are allowed.

可接受数量和金额 … %损益

5. 口 All documents to be forwarded in one cover.


6. 口 Other terms, if any:


We request you to issue on our behalf and for our account your Irrevocable Credit in accordance with the above instructions (marked(x) where appropriate).This Credit will be subject to Current ICC Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (as amended, modified or replaced from time to time),insofar as they are applicable. transacted by : 我方要求贵方以我方名义开立与上述说明(合适处打x)相一致的不可撤销信用证。此信用证应符合《跟单信用证统一惯例与实务》(会经常修改、修正和更新)相应的要求。

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